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Kompolti hibrid TC

Made by Agromag Kft.

Plant is light coloured. It has broad leaves and anthocyanin coloured male flowers. Form of hybrid seeds is flattened oval. After 115-118 days plants achieve technical maturity under Hungarian conditions. This variety is slightly higher then Kompolti hemp. Ratio of male plants in F2 generation is about 35-40% if it is cultivated for fibre. It means a light dominance of female and monoecious plants.

This hybrid is very good for industrial use. Stem yield is higher than Kompolti hemp’s stem yield. Fibre content is lower (28-30%) then that of Kompolti and UNIKO-B, but its quality is finer and strength is higher. Seed production of mother SC-line is very good. That is why the seed reproduction is easier and more effective than in the case of other varieties. The THC content is under 0.2 %.

There are no differences from other varieties in cultivation for fibre. Favourable population density requires 4-4,5 million germs/ha.

Info from Agromag