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Made by Károly Robert Foiskola MFK, Fleischmann Rudolf Kutatóintézet

The oldest dioecious variety registered in Europe nevertheless its properties meet the recent demands of cultivation. It has fine and light coloured leaves and stem, which is moderately ribbed. The vegetation period in Hungary is 110-115 days from germination if it is cultivated for fibre. This variety achieves its ripeness in 150-160 days if cultivated for seed. Seed yield is quite low.

It has high stem productivity (11-12 t/ha) ad also high fibre content (31-35 %). The fibre is the highest one in Europe. Fibre fineness and strength are average. The THC content is very low: 0.1-0.15%.

Cultivation suggestions: The most suitable soils for this variety are alluvial ad chernozem type soils. Yield is increasable by nitrogen fertilizers but over dosage decreases the quality. High yield and good fibre quality can be achieved by proper population density, sowing of 3.5-4 million viable seeds/ha.

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