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Made by Agromag Kft. and Károly Robert Foiskola MFK, Fleischmann Rudolf Kutatóintézet

Monoecious, free pollinating variety with medium maturity. Plant is medium dark. Leaves are broad. The high plants are of dense branching. Its vegetation period from germination to seed maturity lasts for 125-135 days under Hungarian conditions.

The variety can be used for fibre cultivation as well as for dual usage. Cultivating in traditional fibre stand 11-13t/ha yield of dry matter can be reach. The fibre content is lower (25-28%) then that of Kompolti, but its fineness is much higher. In dual usage 0.9-1t/ha seed yield is possible however that seed can be used only for feeding or human consumption. Sowing seed production is very complicated and it has much lower seed yield. The THC content is under 0.2 %.

Cultivation suggestions: There are no differences from other varieties in cultivation for fibre. Favourable population density requires 4-4.5 million germs/ha. For dual usage maximum 2 million germs/ha sowing rate is suggested.

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