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The variety is a free-flowering, southern, diocious type. The leaves are dark green, the stem is a little bit lighter green and grooved. There are 9 mini-leaves on the leaves. The rate of the male hemps is 51-52%.

One of the advantages of the variety is that it is an early maturing type, and therefore it suits perfectly to the other grown plants. If the quantity of the rain is higher the maturing time is shorter. Vegetation period in Central-Europe is 105-110 days for fibre and 135-140 days for seed. If it is sown for fibre, the average height of the variety is 250-300 cm, if it is sown for seed the height can reach 4-5 m. The amount of stalk is 9-12 t/ha. In the way of biomass production the Tiborszállási hemp variety reaches 13-15t/ha yield, but it needs a different growing technology than for the fibre application. It has much more stem and fibre yield in Northern countries but it can not be produced for seed there.

The weight of 1000 seeds is 18-22 grams (there are differences between the different years). Fibre content is about 30%.

The THC content is quite low, under 0.2%.

The hemp variety is on the OECD list furthermore on the EU -A list, too.

Cultivation suggestions: it can be produced in any kind of soil, however better soil makes higher yield. Avoid its production from fields and soils with a lot of inland water. Too much rain after emergence can decrease yield very much. High yield and good fibre quality can be achieved by proper population density, but it can vary in different regions and also depends very much on the use of the plant.

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