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Uniko B

Made by Károly Robert Foiskola MFK, Fleischmann Rudolf Kutatóintézet

Plant height is similar to Kompolti’s height. General difference from other varieties is the sexual ratio. Females are dominant in the F1 generation, and partly dominant in the F2 generation. Presence of monoecious plants in F1 is common. Seed form and thousand seed weight of F1 generation is the same as in the case of Kompolti hemp as since for it is the maternal variety. The vegetation period of a variety cultivated for fibre is about 110 days from germination. UNIKO-B has high seed production capacity in F1 generation, because of the dominance of female plants and the F2 generation can be used only for fibre production.

Its stem yield is very good: 10-11 t/ha as well as its fibre content (28-31%). For fibre quality high fineness and favourable ratio of primary fibre is characteristic. The THC content is under 0,2 %.

Info from Agromag