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Canada: List of approved Cultivars 2015 published for Cannabis varieties

Just some days ago Health Canada published the 2015 list of approved Cannabis cultivars. The ministry overlooks the industrial hemp varieties in Canada. I got it by eMail.

New on the list are six varieties: GranMa, Picolo, Katani, Grandi, Georgina and Victoria
It was no variety deleted from the list but Finola stays under observation.

The variety Finola made some storm in a glass of water because of relative high THC-contents. This is normal, so the producer of Finola hemp seed. One grows Finola because of the oil hemp seed which forms from the blossom. Most of the other hemp varieties are tuned for the fibre, not the blossom. So it is only a problem of the correct harvest time.

Interestingly i cannot find this list on the offical Health Canada website. Do you?

You can get the list here: LOAC 2015 EN, published: Health_Canada “List of approved Cultivars Cannabis Sativa”

via 9.4.2015: – Kanada: Liste der erlaubten Cannabissorten für 2015 erschienen