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Yuzhnosozrevayushchaya Odnodomnaya 14 abbreviated: YUSO-14, JSO-14; registered in 1980

Made by Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Selection from ‘YUSO-1’, which again is a cross progeny from ‘JUS-6’ x ‘Odnodomnaya Bernburga’. The dioecious parent ‘JUS-6’ was selected from ‘Yuzhnaya Krasnodarskaya’ x ‘dwarf Northern Russian Hemp’. ‘Yuzhnaya Krasnodarskaya’ is originally selected from Italian Hemp. ‘Odnodomnaya Bernburga’ is a monoecious cultivar which was originally produced in Germany in the 1940s at the Akademie der Landwirtschaftwissenschaften in Bernburg under the name ‘Bernburger einhäusigen’. (via Hemp CyberFarm)