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A guide to farm industrial hemp

In some countries it is possible to grow Cannabis for industrial purposes. Even in the US there are 18 states where this possibility exists. Moreover Canada, Russia and Europe is an big producer, also China. Legally growing industrial hemp can yield a huge profit done right.

Growing industrial hemp has recently come legal in some US states and some other countries. It is difficult to say exactly how much of a profit the average farmer could make for each hectar. Experts at South Dakota State University have estimated that the average acre of hemp will bring in a profit of $71 per acre in the United States. Over here in Germany corn for energy production is currently more worth. In Canada farmers bring in more than $250 per acre.

The biggest problem is the (pre-)processing, since you have to be next to an plant which can process hemp.

The process of farming industrial hemp itself is quite simple. But in beforehand you need some money, a lot of land and the necessary equipment.

Before you try to get hemp seeds or begin farming your should make sure that you have got the license to grow. Contact your local agriculture department. For example, in the US you have to obtain the license from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

For the maximum yields the hemp seed should be planted in irrigated soil. You will need an nitrogen based fertilizer. Hemp likes temperate climate zones although he can adapt very fast to the climates everywhere. Typically hemp will take about four months to reach maturity for fibres and four to five for seeds.