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Paper: Industrial Hemp – a promising source for biomass production

From the abstract:

The biometrical indices of eight hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivars (‘Beniko’, ‘Bialobrezskie’, ‘Epsilon 68’, ‘Fedora 17’, ‘Felina 32’, ‘Futura 75’, ‘Santhica 27’ and ‘USO 31’) have been investigated at the Upytė Research Station of LRCAF in 2010-2011. The results of investigation show that this plant is a promising source of biomass, accounting for 38.7 t ha-1 of green biomass, and 13.1 t ha-1 of absolutely dry biomass. Results of investigation of biomass potential of 8 industrial hemp varieties are presented.

Authors: Zofija Jankauskienė, Elvyra Gruzdevienė – Upytė Research Station of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry – Contact:;

Introduction: Hemp has been cultivated over a period of many centuries in almost every European country. Many kinds of products could be produced from this useful plant: textiles for apparel and cottonized hemp, mats for thermal insulation in the construction industry, specialty pulp and paper for technical applications, press-moulded interior panels for the automotive industry, geotextiles for erosion control, needle-punched carpeting, hurds used as animal bedding, seed and oil for food sector, natural bodycare products, gamma linolenic acid in the
cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, natural THC-based therapeutic drugs, etc. (Bocsa et al., 1998). Nowadays hemp has become very important as a crop for biomass production. Energy production in the form of solid fuel from the whole hemp stem is a relatively new use for the crop (Energy …, 2009).

The full paper can be found:

Published in Proceedings of the international scientific conference RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY; May 28th – 30th, 2012; Jelgava, Latvia