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Smoke point of Hemp oil

In hemp seed oil, the essential fatty acids do not change when heated. The smoking point is 332°F (165°C), but the oil can be cooked at temperatures up to 475°F for no longer than 30 mintes. Tests have shown that this temperature does not change the configuration of fatty acids in the hemp seed oil as it does in some other edible oils. This ability to withstand heat is quite unique among polyunsaturated fats, since most oils – like canola, soy, flax, and fish oils – quickly convert to trans-fats when heated at much lower temperatures for far less time. Even fish, when cooked, can convert its omega-3 to trans-fats.

Combining hempseed oil with temperature-stable oils increase the ability of the hempseed oil to withstand heat and provides the most “good” fat and fewest trans-fats from cooking. The ideal oil for this is avocado oil, which has a smoke-point 50% higher than olive oil. It also has a large percentage of monosaturated fatty acids, which have a positive effect on health. Hemp seed oil maybe added to avocado oil at a 5-10% level (3-6 tbsp of hemp seed oil per quart of avocado oil). This amount will provide a good amount of omega-3 while still withstanding the heat of normal cooking. The use of this avocado-hemp seed oil blend is perhaps the most healthful choice possible, since it will displace the use of other less-healthful cooking oils and butter.

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